Warsaw as the capital of modern technologies — Mobility Reseller Days

In about a week Warsaw will be the capital of modern technologies for a second time. On the 7th and 8th of October in Warsaw's EXPO XXI Centre an international meeting of both markets and modern technologies' admirers will take place — Mobility Reseller Days 2015. IT and Telco companies from Central and Eastern Europe, as well as those from China, will present their products. Participation in MRD is free of charge; the only requirement is to register at www.mobilityresellerdays.pl (site also available in English).

<p>The idea, which MRD conveys, is to connect wide group of companies and markets directly in a sense of partnership and business. This year's edition is slightly different than the previous one. The first day is addressed to vide variety of people specializing in business, i.e. in organizing sales channels, in shopping at retail network, representatives of small and medium-sized enterprises of IT and Telco and lastly employers and employees of the most renowned companies in telecommunication. The most important figures of market, exhibitors and those who seek new business relations (not only in Poland) are to be present.</p> <p>"We have spotted a niche when it comes to any market events, and that's when the idea of Mobility Reseller Days showed up. For five years now we have been organizing the Mobility Trends gala. From this point of view we see the need of meeting within IT and Telco market. The first edition of MRD only proved that it's worth to meet and gain direct business relationships. A sale success is not the only effect. It has also a positive aspect on the overall picture of a brand and its recognizability. That's why we decided to organize a new edition but in a bit changed format: there is a day for a business and an open day" — says Tomasz Cieślak, the organizer of the event and president of MIT MEDIA Group Ltd.</p> <p>The second day is dedicated to all enthusiasts of modern technologies. Those who come will have a chance to admire about 250 devices — the biggest exposition of telephones in Poland. During the open day of MRD there will be a chance to win smartphones, tablets and mobile accessories.</p> <p>"I have been collecting phones since I was 11. The first in my collection was a Motorola cd160- quite big device with collapsible antenna. So far I have been having 260 telephones and it is undoubtedly one of the biggest sets around the world. Sometimes you have the hunt for a particular device for a few years." — says Olaf Czempa, technological journalist, collector and an enthusiast of mobile phones.</p> <p>This year during the MRD a debate about the reverse charge will be held, in which tax experts from Poland will participate. In the time of the event there will be a chance to enter a conference panel, where topics such as the future of Polish economy, network safety systems, contemporary marketing or specification of Polish telecommunication and IT market will be discussed. Speakers and participants will be representatives of ministries and specialists from the market.</p> <p>"Every form of business appointment is similar and has the very same goal — integration and support for companies. The Mobility Reseller Days is the event that combines conferences, debates and presentations of products and brands. Throughout the Days everyone might hold a meeting with a representative of a brand that takes part in this event. It is here where exchange of experience and opinions at the meetings brings benefits." — Tomasz Cieślak sums up.</p> <p>The potential of MRD was once again acknowledged by institutions like President of the capital city of Warsaw, Ministry of Economy, Department of Electronic Communication or Polish Agency of Information and Foreign Investment.</p>




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